7 Things to Do on Your First Day at Work

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for and it has finally come your way. After all those weeks of grilling, from the process of perfecting your CV till the final interview, here you are, at your first day of work. The challenge now is to make your time in your new job worthwhile and live up to the expectations. While it is not necessary that the first impression is the last impression, the first impression does matter. You should always begin as you intend to go on. Or to put it simply, your first day at work pretty much sets pace for the time to follow. Here are a few pointers we have put together for you for your first day at work:

  1. A king sized breakfast:

    Make yourself your favorite breakfast. Nothing like pancakes with sausages on the side and fresh coffee to kick-start an awesome day! Eat a good, filling breakfast. We often underestimate the power of a good, happy, first meal of the day!

  2. On time, every time!

    Yes, if you’ve been following our posts, you would know how much stress we lay on the importance of being punctual. It is crucial to show up on time, in fact, before time, on your first day of work. Make sure you have checked and re-checked the address and know exactly how long it takes to get there, and what the best mode of transport is (keeping in mind the traffic at the given time).

  3. Confidence:

    Most people feel extremely pressurized to give it their best on their first day. Remember that you have the job because they like you. Don’t ruin your confidence by going overboard in trying to please everybody.

  4. What you wear matters :

    Give some thought to what you are going to wear for your first day at work and make sure your outfit is ready. It is best to go for a semi-formal pick, in case you are not sure about the dress code and don’t want to over or under-dress.

  5. But most importantly, wear a smile!

    You can get away with almost everything (including excess baggage while checking in) if you know how to smile and it comes naturally to you. If you are positive and cheerful, it comes through and is infectious. So remember to wear your smile the moment you step in!

  6. Remembering Names:

    It’s tough if you aren’t exactly “the socialite” but it’s important. Try extra hard to remember the names of the people you meet, not just your managers, even the cafeteria guys (remember they are your source for food, and extras!). It will take some time, but don’t let it take forever. Nothing more annoying than being asked one’s name over and over again by the same person. Being a fresher won’t help your case either!   

  7. Be your AWESOME self! 🙂

    Here is some recommended reading for you on Business Insider, for more tips on getting your first day right: http://www.businessinsider.in/19-Things-You-Should-Do-On-Your-First-Day-Of-Work/articleshow/31121232.cms

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