Thomas Carlyle said – Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.  It has been a few months now since I handed over my employee badge and stepped on to the road less travelled of entrepreneurship. Still surviving and never...

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Trawling through the web today, I chanced upon this gem of a story: Buddha, one day, was in deep thought about the worldly activities and the ways of instilling goodness in human beings. One of his disciples approached him and said humbly – Oh my teacher! While you are...

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Do you think that every work/office space should have a few punching bags around? Sometimes I definitely feel there is some merit in the idea.  All that violence and stress bottled up inside cannot possibly be good for anyone. Violence, stress, punching bags – does not exactly fit the...

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The abundance of information – from both internal and external sources – is the richest possible mine when it comes to understanding the employer brand, employee engagement and what employees want and need from the organization. The vital, and apparently missing, step is to transform the data collected into...

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Isn’t it strange (in a good way) how sometimes someone who you have never met or interacted with can have such a profound impact on your life and work? I think it was two years ago when the CEO of one of the places that I have worked in...

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If you like me have worked for a decade or more with or for small or mid-sized companies/clients, it is quite likely that you have experienced that sinking feeling that comes with the announcement of yet another merger or acquisition quite a few times. Whether you are acquiring or getting...

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For a business or sales manager, the last week of the quarter is a very stressful time. Push for that last-minute sale, run after the documentation for sales orders and contracts, and make sure that all the steps in the book to bill process happen smoothly – it is...

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