By: Suchitra Mishra On: May 19, 2017 In: Career, Job Offers, Recruitment Comments: 0

Yes, we know! There are no shortcuts to success. But if you are on a job hunt, this post is something you cannot miss. Based on our years of experience helping job hunting candidates like you land their dream jobs, we have put together some insider tips (or hacks as...

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Mentoring is not just a duty; it’s a place for both, the mentor and mentee, to feel safe, reflect and feel empowered! When you decide to take on, or accept a mentee, along with your role as a mentor comes responsibility, trust and commitment. It is a relationship premised...

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In our last post, we spoke about what are the possible impediments, or barriers to effective communication. In this post, we take you ahead with exploring some of the core elements for effective communication. To dive straight in – 1. For Effective Communication – Listen In a number of our blog...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: April 26, 2017 In: Career, Communication Skills, Resume, Skills Comments: 21

2017 has just begun, and you still have a lot of time to accomplish everything and more you imagine ticking off that checklist. We are taking for granted that one of them is learning new skills, and doing what you do better. To help you pursue this goal here...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: April 11, 2017 In: Career, First Job, Interview Comments: 8

So finally you have managed to score that big interview, and are looking forward to cracking it. Apart from all the preparation that you have already put in (LinkedIn Profile – check, other social media – check, a stellar resume – check, great communication skills – check, and everything...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: March 28, 2017 In: Career, Leadership, Management Comments: 8

Along with all the excitement and progress the role of a manager offers, it comes with its own share of hurdles – much like anything new one might take on. An obvious part of any new journey entails learning through mistakes we make. Another part of the journey is to learn...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: March 22, 2017 In: Career, Communication, Management, Motivation Comments: 0

This is a shout out to all you first time managers out there! You are bound to be attacked by butterflies in your tummy, and the symptoms of having cold feet whenever you set out to do something you’ve never done before. While these voyages might appear terrifying, they...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: March 18, 2017 In: Career, World of Work Comments: 14

“I speak English, so I don’t have to learn a foreign language….” According to the CIA World Fact Book,  only 5.6 % of the world’s total population speaks English as a primary language. That number doubles when people who speak English as a second or third language are counted....

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: March 11, 2017 In: Career, Managing Yourself, World of Work Comments: 0

At last! The day for you to submit your final examination paper arrives. The years of piling on honors and extra classes, tutors, test preparations, community-service projects, and other extracurricular activities are now going to be behind you. While on one hand your classmates are preparing to crack the...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: March 7, 2017 In: Career, Life, Managing Yourself Comments: 20

When Malia Obama decided to take a gap year before starting college at Harvard, it made the world sit up and notice. The news spread like wildfire, not just because one of the Obama’s’ was involved but also because the concept of a gap year had captured the imagination...

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