Mentoring is not just a duty; it’s a place for both, the mentor and mentee, to feel safe, reflect and feel empowered! When you decide to take on, or accept a mentee, along with your role as a mentor comes responsibility, trust and commitment. It is a relationship premised...

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By: suchitra M On: March 22, 2017 In: Career, Communication, Management, Motivation Comments: 0

This is a shout out to all you first time managers out there! You are bound to be attacked by butterflies in your tummy, and the symptoms of having cold feet whenever you set out to do something you’ve never done before. While these voyages might appear terrifying, they...

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By: suchitra M On: March 13, 2017 In: Managing Yourself, Motivation, World of Work Comments: 0

We’ve all had that feeling first thing Monday morning, wondering where the weekend has gone and how it can already be the start of the working week. The infamous Monday Blues, that dreaded feeling that the working week has just started and it’s the longest possible point until the...

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The first part of the post on How to Do a Career Detox focused on what can be called as the more technical aspects of the process. This post speaks about how looking inward is also an integral aspect of a career detox. The career paths we choose and...

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With all that rage about the incredibly popular series -Game of Thrones, we thought it would be creative to put together a post about what the series teaches us about the world of work! We hope you enjoy reading it, as much as we enjoyed putting it together. 1....

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By: suchitra M On: January 27, 2017 In: Managing Yourself, Motivation, Productivity, World of Work Comments: 13

What does being “mindful” mean? Very simply put, it means being aware, being present in the moment. Or like our favorite phrase at OBOlinx, it simply means being “Happy in the Now.” In our endless pursuit for success, and achievement of goals in the world of work, we focus...

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By: suchitra M On: January 5, 2017 In: Career, Leadership, Management, Managing Yourself, Motivation Comments: 2

Now that’s a tough one, right? Not just how to be a “good” boss, but how to be a boss your team would never want to let down! Let’s state at the outset that very few bosses are able to find a place in that hall of fame. What...

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By: suchitra M On: January 3, 2017 In: Motivation, Office Etiquette, World of Work Comments: 21

Caught in a rush of deadlines and projects, the conferences and the appraisals, every day is a struggle at work, and every sent document a sigh of relief. We are often so caught up in our busy work lives that we forget people who work tirelessly, round the clock, putting...

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By: suchitra M On: October 23, 2016 In: Managing Yourself, Motivation, Productivity, World of Work Comments: 0

There are ways in which you can begin your day to make it super productive. There are also ways in which you can end your day to celebrate your productivity. The latter paves way for a super productive next day. These changes in your lifestyle don’t cost anything and...

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Being a boss is easy. Said no one. Say it out loud, the word “boss”, and reflect on what it means, what it sounds like, and what it evokes in you. There are only a few words which can double as both a noun and a verb, “boss” being...

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