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The world that we live in today is a world plagued with distractions. The funny part is that most of these distractions are  self-imposed. In a world of instant and constant virtual communication, it is very difficult to be able to focus entirely and mindfully on the task set in front of us. Of course, there could be other genuine reasons as to why someone finds it hard to concentrate and make the most of a day. Then again, there is the everyday human, who is somehow ruled by the laws of procrastination. No matter which category you find yourself fitting in to, we have something for you. If you have been finding it difficult to focus, here is how you can feed your focus and starve your distractions and hence boost your productivity.

Feed your Focus – Use DND Time Slots:

Divide your work hours into 45, or 60 minute “Do Not Disturb” time slots. During these slots focus single mindedly on the task you have assigned the time to. Do not respond to emails, phone calls or texts (unless of course it is something that you feel is an emergency). Whatever else it is, can wait until the ten minute break you give yourself at the end of a successful one hour of sincere work.

Feed your Focus – One task at a time:

When you have a number of tasks to accomplish but cannot decide which to do first, prioritize (Use the Pareto principle to help you out here). Do not get overwhelmed. Getting worked up about the amount of work you need to finish all will only make you jittery, anxious and retard your efficiency. The key here is in the word “Focus” itself – Follow One Course Until Successful 🙂 So Feed your focus by picking the first task from your priority list and go about it by applying DND time slots. We can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by your efficiency.

Feed your Focus – Set a “no social media” rule:

If someone were to calculate how many useless hours you’ve spent procrastinating looking at videos of cats, dogs and babies on YouTube, stalking an ex on Facebook, or whiling away time on Instagram, when there are clearly much more urgent matters to look into, would you have the courage to face it? If deep down you find yourself feeling a tinge of guilt, know that it’s not too late to reverse it. Establish discipline to stay away from social media during work hours. It not only distracts you, it also keeps you from giving your work your best, because your mind is constantly elsewhere.

Feed your Focus – Stay hydrated:

Drink lots of water. We don’t need to quote the numerous studies which have scientifically proven how important hydration is to enhancing your focus and productivity. Consuming as much fluids as you can ensures to keep your body flushed and free of toxins, which also has a direct effect on your blood circulation. Hence making sure that your body is adequately energized to be able to focus and give you its best!

Feed your Focus – Reward Yourself:

When you’ve worked hard and sincerely and know it, acknowledge it and reward yourself. The reward could be small things to pamper yourself with. Listen to your favorite song, take a coffee break, call up an old friend, take a stroll, treat yourself to your favorite biscuit. However, be careful for these rewards to not eat into your work time. You don’t want a reward to become a distraction. But remember it is important to feel proud and good about yourself and these small gestures are an amazing way to make yourself feel good about you.

These five simple tips can help you to amplify your productivity and focus like never before. To go to bed feeling like you have made the most of your day, is not only a powerful feeling but also one that makes you relaxed, happy and ready to face all that the next day may bring.  Have you tried and tested any of these to feed the focus and starve ? Did they work? What else work better for you instead? Let us know! We would love to learn from you as would our readers.


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