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Recruitment Process Automation (ReSPark)

Product Description

Recruitment Process Automation enables businesses to improve recruiter productivity, fill positions quickly, lower the cost per hire, and enhance their overall organization’s talent pool. Small business managers, internal HR departments, and specialized recruitment firms can all use Sincera’s Recruitment Process Automation solution.


Automate the recruitment process

Reduce manual intervention and save time

Enterprise search of database helps search and process suitable candidates faster

Applicant Management

Requirement tracking through the application of business rules

Metrics Dashboards and reports are available at the fingertips

Communication with the clients for sharing the information is fast and seamless.

Tech Stack

Windows Server

SharePoint 2019

Office 365




ReSpark allows you to free up time so that you can concentrate on more strategic tasks. The end objective is speedier and more effective hiring. Get a demo now.

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