5 Critical Exit Signs – Time for a Job Change

Often, Exit Signs are quite obvious, yet we are so caught up that we fail to pay heed to these signs as definite signals for a transition, as signals that it is time to quit the current job and move on. At times we may acknowledge the signs and yet choose to be in denial because of the fear of quitting and subsequent financial and professional insecurity. In this post, we talk about five most telling signs for quitting your current job

Exit Sign 1: Even if it’s a Friday, you drag yourself to work 

It is not just the Monday blues, the blues last through the week and even a Friday morning does not drive them away! You find yourself thinking of new excuses almost every day to call it a sick day and eventually give up and drag yourself to work.

Exit Sign 2: The work-life balance is off-balance 

Remember how we spoke about work life balance in our previous posts? Well, if you find yourself nodding your head to this sign, you might have truly understood how important work – life balance is, at the cost of its disruption. If you find your professional frustration making its way into your personal life and affecting your personal relationships, it sure isn’t a healthy sign.

Exit Sign 3: You have stopped growing as a professional 

You do not find your job intellectually stimulating anymore, and feel like you have hit a dead-end. Stagnation in a job is one of the most obvious signs for you to quit. If there is no growth financially or in terms of responsibilities it makes sense to move on. If you feel your skills are not being made use of to the fullest and the profile does not accommodate what you have to offer as a professional, do give change a serious thought.

Exit Sign 4: You are no longer comfortable around your colleagues

You no longer are able to function efficiently as a part of the team and find yourself at arm’s-length with your colleagues and are unable to connect with them anymore. Not to talk about appetite for even formal conversation. You find it difficult to adapt to the work culture and environment. Office parties are more of an obligation and pain than pleasure or an opportunity to interact.

Exit Sign 5: Your passion lies elsewhere

You’ve suddenly started feeling existential and questioning your purpose in life. You feel crabby most of the time and feel like you have been wasting time all this while, while your friends have done so much better than you. You find yourself wishing, you had followed your passion, your heart. What was it? To become a writer? An artist? An architect? Well you know, like they say, it is better late than never!

These are a few critical exit signals. It is true that the prospect of change and diving into the unknown can be terrifying for most of us, however, we are only afraid of what lies ahead because of our lack of foresight as humans. Always remember that if you are qualified professional, or an entry-level professional eager to learn, or want to do your own thing, the job market is waiting for you, and sky is the limit.

Besides, your first job should not be your last job and money should never be the prime motivation – it always loses its sheen sooner than we think. Our Indian audience must be familiar with a popular beverage commercial – a dashing Bollywood actor pronouncing with great confidence while sipping the soft drink after having sky dived for the first time – “darr ke aage jeet hai!”  or  “victory lies on the other side of fear!”! Err, excuse the cliché, but in our defense, it’s not every day that we get so filmy! 

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