5 Morning Habits for a Super Productive Day

The fact that morning shows the day, is almost always underrated. The rhythm with which you begin your day, and how you begin your day determines your productivity levels for the rest of the day. Accommodating some simple tweaks into your lifestyle can make a world of difference to your daily levels of productivity. Here are five of them we could swear by!

  1. Wake up earlier than usual

    Make it a point to give yourself at least ninety minutes before you leave the house. Starting your day at a relaxed place is important because it not only helps you get through your daily chores in a relaxed manner, instead of rushing through them, it also helps you to set the pace of the day. When you start early, you manage to get more work done, which again leaves you time to accomplish more than you planned.

  2. Hydrate

    When you wake up in the morning, you have been without water for about 7-9 hours. Start your day with at least two glasses of water. This flushes your entire system, and is the quickest, most efficient method to detox. Imagine hydration in the morning being like oiling the parts of a creaky machine, only for your internal organs. Before you can ensure productivity, you must ensure sound health for yourself. Taking care of your hydration needs forms a rather integral part of being healthy.

  3. Meditate

    When we say meditate, we don’t mean the kind of meditation that is difficult to learn and requires years of practice. What we simply mean is sitting down in a position that is comfortable for you, shutting out the world and focusing on yourself and your thoughts, even if it means focusing on silence. Even ten minutes of meditation can bring about a marked positive difference on how you move through your day. A very powerful method to stay focused, calm and productive throughout your day.

  4. Stretch 

    It is true that most of us have schedules in which regular work out sessions are tough to fit in. However, given the kind of schedules we have, it is very important to have some form of a routine to exercise. Figure out a simple stretch routine for yourself, and start your day with it. Combine stretches so that all parts of your body are worked out – it will take no longer than 20 minutes. This makes you agile, focused, and alert, leaving you with enough energy for a super productive day!

  5. Find your “task of the day”

    Ask yourself, what is the one thing you do today, would make you feel truly accomplished and happy? Find that task and make sure you accomplish it. It gives you a sense of fulfillment and leaves you feeling like you have been productive. It is important to narrow down on tasks which are doable, and not set goals which cannot be achieved in the time that you have set for yourself. Set practical goals, score them and enjoy the powerful feeling that comes along with it!

Of course we haven’t forgotten that a good breakfast is also a great way to begin a productive day. But we do differ a little bit from others here, when we say a good breakfast, we mean a wholesome, balanced and healthy breakfast that wakes you up. Not a huge, carb loaded one which slows you down and makes you sluggish even before you have reached work! That being said, we hope you enjoyed our post on how we think you can make the most of your day by starting it right! Did we miss anything out? Let us know, we always love hearing from you!

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