5 Things to do after Resigning

Resigning from a job can be a blessing in disguise. The time in between leaving a job and joining another one can truly be the forced sabbatical you always needed but had not been able to take. Well, now since you have some time on your hand, you may as well make good use of it rather than brooding about what is coming up next. With our crazy schedules, most of us have forgotten to enjoy living, it is the clockwork, deadlines and projects we are most concerned about. If you are in between two jobs, with some time to indulge yourself, here are the five things you must try doing!

  1. Travel –

    Make plans for that much awaited trip and set out. Better still, don’t wait to ‘make plans’, because that’s what you have been doing until now because of which you still haven’t been able to leave! Be impulsive and just go, we assume here that you have some savings! Well, even if you don’t you can always travel on a shoe-string budget instead of luxury traveling. Traveling allows you the much-needed time for soul-searching and at the same time rejuvenate you.

    If you have been feeling scattered lately due to all the transition and the fear of not knowing what lies ahead, maybe traveling is the much-needed change you need? At times we feel like a mess, like pieces of a jigsaw that just don’t seem to be fitting together. If you are a traveler lost in the world of work with no time for yourself but have had this break imposed upon you, it is the perfect opportunity for you to find the missing pieces of jigsaw and glue them back together, through traveling.

  1. Reconnect with a forgotten hobby –

    Does it sound weird to you just hearing the word ‘hobby’? Does it sound like a word which got lost somewhere between activity periods in school and the process of becoming a ‘professional’? If you find yourself silently responding in the affirmative, maybe it is going to do you a lot of good to try to reconnect with something you used to love doing. Gardening? Baking? Trekking? Fishing? Rock Climbing? Collage making? Painting? It could be anything! Think about what it was and try going back to it. It will surprise how light you will begin to feel.

    It will surprise even more, when you will notice the clarity in thought the particular activity you choose, will bring you. At times when we are extremely muddled up, we need to let go and do other things we enjoy doing. A lot of mess is usually created through us imagining unnecessarily complicated situations, which are not actually real. In diverting our attention to more creative processes that we enjoy doing, help us think more clearly and approach the problems in a more rational and analytical manner rather than in a state of panic.

  1. Meet people you love but haven’t had time for –

    The aunt who kept inviting you over for dinner but you kept cancelling because of the board meeting the next day? The old school friend who you promised a couple of drinks but never got around to meeting because you didn’t really have any weekends? The beautiful date you have been thinking of for the longest time now? Well, now is the time you always wished you had to spend with your loved ones but never quite managed to. Draw up a list of people you like, used to like to spend time with, and people who would be happy to see you. Reaching out and connecting with them will make you positive and happy.

  1. Read –

    If you’ve been a voracious reader anyway, this is the perfect time to indulge yourself some more! If not, there couldn’t be a better time to start. Reading helps recharge your intellectual resources and keeps those brainy ideas flowing. Reading fires your imagination. Just like a balanced diet is essential for a healthy body, balanced reading is crucial for a healthy mind. Make sure your reading time consists of a mixed menu of current affairs, fiction and non-fiction.

  1. Organize-

    Making the most of this time is extremely important and you could use it to get yourself a head start. Start by organizing the documents you will need for the job you are planning to apply for, or for the job you have already bagged. Create a checklist of all the things you will be needing. Clear out your desk, rearrange the furniture in your study, and dust the shelves! Bring in the positive vibes that say you are ready for a brand new start!


Live your life to the fullest. And don’t forget to be #HappyInTheNow !

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