The Best Tips for Writing Your Resume Right – Write up a Stellar Resume Today!

Writing the perfect resume is no easy task.  And it is always a work in progress – getting revised whenever you have a new career milestone.  It takes hours, days and weeks to make it perfect. However, pointers for what to write and what not to write always help. Here are a few do’s and don’ts we recommend you keep in mind while writing that stellar resume! Also check out this super resume cheat sheet created by Business News Daily that we found to be quite comprehensive.

Resume Cheatsheet - Business news dailyDo’s while writing your Resume:

The Design of Your Resume: Keep it simple, keep it readable. Make use of bullet points instead of paragraphs, also use sufficient white spaces. It makes your resume more readable. Font size 11/12 is ideal. Let it not be strenuous for the reviewer to read your resume!

Your Digital Footprint is important: Your LinkedIn profile (or any other platform you mention in your resume) should be up-to-date and should lead your prospective employer to your publications, patents, volunteering experiences, and other information relevant to the post you are applying for.

Objective: Your objectives for applying should be apparent, clearly stated and employer-centric. Give them reasons to call you for that interview! Keep working on that cover letter and bring forth relevant information in your resume.

Action words: A judicious use of what we call action words can have an impact on the reviewer when used in the right way. “Growth”, “Build”, “Driving force”, “Lead” are a few examples.

Edit: Be a merciless editor. Do away with all the words you can afford to delete! Keep it as short and crisp as you can. This always helps a resume stand out!

Don’ts while writing your Resume:

No typos! There is absolutely no margin for error when it comes to grammar and spelling errors in a resume. Be extra cautious, check, double-check, triple-check and then have a friend check again!

No fancy email id:, or may be the first ever email ids you created, which are extremely close to your heart, but they make your otherwise outstanding resume look highly unprofessional. Use simple email ids, if you don’t have one, do create one!

Genuine Information: The information you publish on your resume must be genuine. Do not inflate or make up accomplishments. If a background check contradicts the information you have sent out, it reflects very badly upon your profile and may also lead to serious consequences for your career.

Strictly avoid using ornate fonts and fancy layouts: Of course the appearance of your resume matters. However, do avoid use of ornate fonts, colors, designer layouts. These distract the reviewer and take away from the importance of your profile. Bullet points, emboldened characters wherever necessary, sufficient use of white spaces and a proper format are your best bets for a fab looking resume!

Don’t make it an autobiography: Before you set out to pen your resume, demarcate what is personal and what is professional with utmost clarity. Leave out whatever is personal and of no consequence to your prospective employer. For example, your marital status, spouse and parents’ names, your height, weight, etc. are not required. Do not write a long paragraph about why you should get the job, let your qualifications speak for you and leave the speaking for the interview. Be careful how you list your achievements, so that you do not come across as an individual blowing his own trumpet!

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