Five Indispensable Skills to have On and “Off” your CV

Different jobs require different skill sets, and there is no one generic set of skills that will qualify you for any job in the world. However, there are certain indispensable skills, that no matter what your profession is, will always help you. Not only do they come in handy in your own career growth, employers actively seek candidates with these skills. Ensuring that you have these indispensable skills on your CV, and are confident of them, is something that will play a pivotal role in helping you move closer to your dream job.

1. Communication Skills – Written and Verbal

Being a good communicator solves almost most of your problems. It also keeps you away from problems. Communication skills are a must have, regardless of which profession you belong to. Being able to articulate yourself in an effective manner makes you inherently more employable. A further aspect of communication skills, which is an extremely important part, is interpersonal (communication) skills. In the world of work, it is not only important to be able to articulate your opinion effectively, it is equally or more important to keep all channels of communication open and listen more than articulating. This is where your interpersonal skills play a big role, as they determine your dynamics with those around you. Here’s something to help you improve your communication skills.

2. Adaptability:

To have focus and pursue a task right through the end is an extremely desirable quality which employers actively seek. However, in a lot of situations one is required to be flexible, or, to adapt to whatever the need is according to the current scenario. This might include a shift in focus and hence efforts. But if you are able to make the best of the situation you are out in, you prove yourself as being a valuable human resource to your organization. If you have these skills, it will reflect in your CV through your experiences, and how your referees speak for you.

3. Self-confidence and willingness to Learn

It is one thing to be unnecessarily boastful about one’s skills, and quite a different thing to be confident of one’s skills. It is important to know what you are capable of, and to be able to demonstrate it through your actions. To be able to reaffirm the same through your communication skills is something that gives you an edge over most other candidates when you’re job hunting. It is equally valuable to know where you lack, and to be willing to imbibe or learn those skills. Be confident of your knowledge and your skills, but also be aware that you are “work in progress”, and that everyday you are getting better at what you do and that you should keep learning.

4. Leadership Skills

Leadership skills aren’t sought only when you are applying for a managerial post. Regardless of whether or not the description of the job you are applying to explicitly requires leadership skills, or experience in leading teams, the said skills are crucial for success in any job. Being able to demonstrate that you possess leadership skills infuses the potential employer with confidence. The fact that you will not only be able to manage yourself through self-motivation and discipline, but will also be able to handle a team if necessary is made evident. Thus amplifying your chances of growth within the organization, right at the outset.

5. Team Work

Your success in any organization, depends a lot on how you are able to function within, and as a part of a team. In fact, this is a pre-requisite for most jobs you might be looking out for. To site just one example, as a part of the hiring process for most jobs you will be put through a group discussion round. Its purpose is to have you illustrate your capabilities when you work as a part of a larger team. Employers attribute a lot of value to this skill because how employees function as a team is crucial to the goals and larger progress of any organization.

Spending time on honing these indispensable skills is something that will surely be rewarding in a very fulfilling sense in the trajectory of your professional success. While we have listed just 5 indispensable skills here, we would love to know what skills you think should have made it to this list. Share your opinions with us by commenting on this post!

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