Recruiters’ Alert: Five Tools that Will Make Your Life Easier

Recruitment as a job can be an overwhelming process, with all the steps that need to be followed through before you can finally find the candidates you have been hunting for. While some procedures of recruitment require all your attention, there are other procedures that can be simplified, and gotten done with – fast. How? Technology.

There are several tools today, thanks to technology, which can help make recruitment a much faster, efficient and effective process. Here are some of the must have tools, with which you can do more in less time!

  1. Applicant Tracking Systems

    While a lot of recruiters have started using ATS platforms, it needs to be on this list because if you are a recruiter and you still don’t use an Applicant Tracking System, you need to get one now! These can be basic platforms, or more advanced ones. What they essentially do is, screen through all existing resumes, shortlisting only the most relevant ones for you to review.
    Zoho recruit, People Apex, Talent Cube are some of the top ATS software’s you can have a look at.

  2. Interview Scheduling Tools

    While you might believe that your sticky notes will suffice for this, some of these tools really do make the life of a recruiter infinitely easier. It can be difficult to find time slots for interviews which mutually convenient, especially when you have a big client base. You can use built in tools such as Google calendar, or tools like Calendly, that will help you find the perfect time for your interviews, and also send both the recruiter and the candidate timely reminders.

  3. Recruitment Process Management Tools

    With all the candidates you have to handle, how do you efficiently keep track of which candidate is at which stage of the recruitment process? Through recruitment process management tools. You can create a separate profile for each candidate, and add your personal notes to each. Check out Entelo.

  4. Email Finders

    Sourcing candidates can be a difficult task without having their emails. While social media today has made it more easier than ever before to access profiles of potential candidates, you still need to be able to reach out to them via their email IDs. Tools like Contactout and Hiretual enable you to view the email addresses of candidates when you visit their social media profiles.

  5. Productivity Boosting Tools

    With the number of things that seem to be demanding your attention at the same time, as a recruiter you may feel as multitasking is the only way out. Multitasking however is a myth. Today, it is harder than ever to stay focused and attentive with the task you have at hand. Tools such as Antisocial and Stay Focused limit the time you spend on social media and other distraction prone platforms, and hence bring you back to the task at hand.

Other resources such as graphic creation tools (to create the perfect ad to source candidates, and with ease), content sharing tools (so potential candidates are aware that a fab recruiter like you exists), and social media management tools (to connect with the target audience), are some other tools that will simplify and leverage your role as a recruiter.

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