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Stop! Before You Say Yes To the Job Offer – 5 Questions You Must Ask the Employer

Stop! Before You Say Yes To the Job Offer – 5 Questions You Must Ask the Employer

If you’ve been waiting long enough for that job offer, it is likely that you would say “yes!” immediately. However, let’s agree that most of the times, decisions made on an impulse may not be the best ones, especially when they are regarding your career. When you receive the job offer, the first thing you should ask your prospective employer is for a deadline to seal the deal. A cooling period of at least 24 hours is necessary before you accept or decline the offer, even if you may have made up your mind regarding the offer before you even got it. Here are a list of five questions you absolutely must ask the employer before accepting the offer.

What is the salary structure and the benefits plan?

You may have fought tooth and nail while negotiating the numbers to get your salt’s worth, however, numbers are more complicated than one might think. Ask clearly regarding your take-home amount after tax, bonus and incentives (and its basis for calculation). Find out about your employee insurance benefits. There are many kinds of insurance, like health, maternity, et al. Make sure you know what the insurance covers. Ask in detail regarding transport and accommodation reimbursement, if any. Make a list of all the benefits you can think of, and know other people receive in similar kinds of jobs, so that you don’t forget. Ask the organization to list the benefits they finally agree upon, on paper, before you accept the offer.

Will my moving expenses be covered?

It is not unusual for companies to pay for your moving expenses (which is equal to the transport expenses for you and your stuff), in fact, it is expected (though not mandatory). If they do not mention the details regarding the reimbursement of your moving expenses, make sure you ask. Most companies also arrange accommodation (which includes meals) for you while you house hunt and are in the process of settling in. Understand the rules of the reimbursement carefully to avoid complications later. If they do not have a policy of providing for moving expenses, try and negotiate for one.

Are the work timings flexible? Will I have the option to work from home on certain days?

Is it going to be a typical 9 to 5 job with strict sign ins and sign outs or can it be a flexible one? If yes, what are the terms and conditions of the flexibility? Ask in detail regarding the timings and also if you have the option to work from home on a rain check day. Do ask about the consequences in case you fail to adhere to the rules for timings if they are not flexible.

How many paid holidays do I get?

Balancing work and life is tough and paid holidays are a crucial determinant for the balance 😉  While you may feel inhibited asking about holidays even before starting work, it is very wise to go ahead and ask anyway. No point whining over it once you’ve accepted the offer. Also make sure to find out if your holidays can roll over from one calendar year to the next.

Will the company support my decision to continue my education in the future?

If your plan is to achieve some work experience and continue with further education few years down the line, you may as well discuss about the company’s policy to support employees’ education. Find out about the tuition fee reimbursement, if any. Of course, if the company does invest in your education, it would expect you to come back and resume work post your studies. If not reimbursement, the company may also provide loans with a subsidized interest rate. Even if you may not be planning on getting another degree any time soon, it is anyway wise to find out in detail regarding their policies for employee education before accepting the offer. It is essential to keep polishing your skill set and education is one of the best ways to go about it.

These are the five crucial questions that we think you must ask before saying aye or nay ! There are also a few important questions that you must ask yourself before accepting the job offer, read more on that here. Do you think there are other equally or more important questions? We would love to hear from you.

And if you have asked yourself these questions and have decided to go ahead and accept the job offer, we at OBOlinx wish you much success in this new step of your career journey!