By: Suchitra Mishra On: September 22, 2017 In: Personal Branding, World of Work Comments: 0

If you have been reading our recent posts, you might find this post particularly interesting. As a part of our ‘personal branding’ series, we bring to you the third post on some of our favorite personal brands, through which we illustrate good practices in personal branding. What is personal branding?...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: September 15, 2017 In: Motivation, Personal Branding, World of Work Comments: 1

This week, we have introduced to you our series of posts on Personal Branding. If you haven’t already read our introductory post, which also serves as a crash course on personal branding, you can read it here – Personal Branding: Why it Matters and How you Can Get There....

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Today, personal branding matters more than it ever did not only because of the significant market value it carries with it, but also because of the opportunities it offers. Personal branding done right can open more doors for you than you ever imagined. The business dictionary defines branding as:...

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