By: Suchitra Mishra On: November 30, 2017 In: Life, World of Work Comments: 0

You have probably received your pay-cheque for the month, or are about to in a day or two. Which is why,  reading this hopefully will make you laugh instead of invoking grief or tears. Once caught in the web of what millenials refer to as “adulting” there is no escaping. Your...

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It is that time of the year when performance review requests come calling for many. Forms will be filled, review meetings with managers scheduled, and sometimes tough and sometimes happy conversations will take place. Raises may or may not get discussed depending on many factors – company performance, your performance, your manager’s approach, a...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: January 5, 2015 In: Interview, Job Offers Comments: 0

Continuing with the previous post about salary negotiation, we talk about bonuses, flexibility and the two super hit, tried and tested methods for negotiating your salary – the Noel Smith-Wenkle Salary Negotiation method and the Jack Chapman Salary Negotiation Method. Regarding the Bonus At times, a large chunk of...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: December 29, 2014 In: Interview, Job Offers Comments: 1

Now that you have cleared the initial interviews, what comes next? The next step, and perhaps the most crucial one is negotiating your salary. Here comes the step when you need to sell yourself in order for the employer to recognize your worth! Before you start talking numbers though, make...

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