Worst Professional Mistakes to be Wary Of

How you grow as a professional is directly proportional to your conduct and the set of ethics you subscribe to. While it is true that there are quite a few gray areas even in the professional sphere – where nothing is really right or wrong, there are some things however which could be regarded as “mistakes”. And these professional mistakes will then go on to determine your career trajectory – in all probability not in a positive sense.
Learning is an ongoing process, and it is never too late to learn something new. So, no matter what stage you are at currently in your career, here are five professional mistakes we think are probably the biggest ones you could make at work.

Professional Mistake #1 – Choosing “pay” over “purpose”

Exceptions can be made to this point, however, we would say, not drastic exceptions. The whole thing about having a job that makes you happy, even though it doesn’t pay you much, well, it’s got some merit to it. Unless selling your soul to the company for the money it offers you is something you “have” to do, don’t do it. Choosing pay over purpose is something every professional will regret looking back. Save yourself the regrets and go forth with the purpose you feel passionately towards!

Professional Mistake #2 – Not resigning/ letting go with grace

At times, this isn’t easy. But it is always a necessity for you to quit as gracefully as possible because more than anything else, it reflects on your professionalism. Regardless of how vindictive and vengeful you might feel, or how complicated the reason for your resignation is, doing it with grace is something which might feel tough at that moment, but something you will later be proud of. How to resign with grace? Here is how.

Professional Mistake #3 – Being overly social/ un-social

Maintaining a balance between being friendly and professional is something most of us find difficult to achieve. Being overly social can make your behavior seem unacceptable for a professional space, while being extremely introverted will make you come across sometimes as arrogant or insolent. Unfortunately, even for those of us who don’t care about perceptions, it matters to be able to strike a balance and be friendly, at the same time, professional.

Professional Mistake #4 – Being known for being the late Kate/Ken

How you respect your own time, and others’ time is something that can truly define the trajectory of your career. Being known for being the late Kate/ Ken could be fatal. In the world of work, time is of utmost essence. And the people who succeed are the people who respect and believe in this principle.

Professional Mistake #5 – Giving in to office politics

Water-cooler conversations are tempting. And allow you to let some steam off. While this is true, it is very important to understand that inappropriate gossip has only one destination at your place – trouble. No matter how horrible your boss is, don’t give in to the temptation of back biting. Don’t encourage or indulge in unnecessary drama in the workplace.
Made some of these professional mistakes and learnt from them? Tell us what it was, and how you learnt!

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