Your Job Search Websites Checklist – Top Job Portals – Part II

Carrying on from where we left off [Part I], here is the second part to the top job hunt platforms in India. Here are some of the best job portals/platforms you should definitely check out when actively looking for a job. Not all jobs are posted on all sites. Companies and agencies have their own favourites. So, it definitely makes sense for you to have four or five platforms on your checklist for searching for the best jobs for you and for having your resume up there. Read on!


This awesome job portal makes the excruciating process of hunting for and landing the dream job a breeze. It searches thousands of job sites and companies as per your listed preferences to give you relevant results. Additionally, it also connects your online social networks with your job search with its “Who do I Know” feature which helps you find friends and personal connections at each company apart from your job search results.

The interface does a broad search across the Web, including job boards, company career sites, newspapers, non-profit organizations, and even government sites to give you the a thorough results. Creating an account allows you to name, save, and manage searches; manage email alerts; revisit jobs you’ve already viewed; rate and save notes about jobs you’ve viewed; and block specific companies or sites from showing up in your searches. Also, Simply Hired has a blog which offers excellent advice for job seekers. Have a look here –

Indeed works as an aggregator of job listings. In this it tries to emulate Google, at least in look and feel. It allows you to put location and keywords related to the kind of job you are looking for. It then shows a list of results like a Google search result page, and clicking on a link takes you to the actual job listing, where you can apply for the job. Based on your searches, it also starts recommending jobs for you. You can also post your CV on this website so that recruiters can find you. This site is definitely worth a try to get an idea of relevant job listings without having to scour various job-hunt websites manually. A definite must-have on your list of job platforms to get an overview of what the market has to offer.


We are pretty sure many of you are already familiar with this platform and are wondering why is it listed here, in a post for job search platforms. While it may not be your conventional job hunt portal, Quora is an excellent informal environment to seek answers to anything regarding the company you are applying to, ask how referrals work, about your to-be boss, colleagues, even the lunch hours… Just about anything!

The best part is, you don’t have to worry about disclosing your identity since you can ask the questions anonymously. Oh wait, that is not the best part, the best part actually is all these answers are given by actual professionals who are in the game. Multiple answers often find their way into interesting (sometimes unpleasant) conversations.  Go by the number of up-votes vs downvotes for the answer you are referring to and you shall have a fair idea.

Hirist has a neat, no-frills, minimalist website with no advertisements on their homepage, which goes a long way in gaining the user’s trust because it gives the professional feel. The categorization of jobs is well thought out. In agreement with the overall minimalist theme, the job listings offer the most essential information like location, designation, etc., and one can view details by clicking on the links. One interesting feature is that you can tick multiple job listings that you are interested in and apply to all of them at once. Although not as big as some of its competitors, Hirist is neat and easy to use, and hence is worth a try.

In addition to job-listings, Shine provides the Shine CareerPlus service that aggregates various online and offline courses and certifications available to enhance your skills. These are meticulously categorized and hence it is easy to find what you are looking for. You can also find useful compilations of LinkedIn articles and blogs related to career advice, interview preparation tips, resume formats, resume review services, etc. to boost your chances of getting the job you are looking for.


A free jobs and careers community, Glassdoor gives you a sneak peak into jobs and companies. The information on the site is employee generated which makes it genuine and dependable, well mostly. You get access to anonymous salaries, interview questions, work culture and ethics, reviews and more. This search engine might be comparatively new, but is surely worth giving a try – especially when all this useful information is available completely free!

Real-time Networking

All said and done, you should never fall out of touch with this one! Believe me, this is the foundation of all the wonderful platforms that have come up. If people did actually meet and talk and brainstorm and network, we really wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of building complex virtual systems of networking to make it easy for people to meet and interact. Make sure to make an effort to meet interesting people you connect with, once in a while. Who knows they might bring along someone really interesting you wouldn’t have otherwise met. Do not underestimate the power of virtual connectivity, and surely do not overestimate it, some very interesting and powerful people are still yet to be bitten by the virtual bug!

New job portals are coming almost every month. We and our readers need Your help to keep this post relevant and current. What have we missed? What other job portals or sites have you used that you think should be included in this checklist ? We would love to hear back from you.

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