5 Things Characters from Game of Thrones teach us about the World of Work

With all that rage about the incredibly popular series –Game of Thrones, we thought it would be creative to put together a post about what the series teaches us about the world of work! We hope you enjoy reading it, as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

1. Tyrion Lanister – Knowledge gives you mileage.

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that Tyrion Lanister in the series is an embodiment of knowledge, and worldly wisdom. One of the most admirable qualities (despite possessing some not-so-admirable qualities) he possesses is that of being well read, which has, time and again helped him out of sticky situations. The best lesson his character teaches us is, even if people judge you unkindly, or based on “outwardly appearances”, if you are smart enough, you can take all of that in your stride. We all know how often one needs to deal with situations like that in the world of work.

2. Daenerys Stormborn – Don’t micromanage everything, Delegate!

Well yes. She is all about woman power and how one can truly break away from oppressive gender stereotypes. Now that we’ve given her credit for that, let’s face it how her character is far from perfect. Her need to micromanage has more often than not landed her in trouble. If only she would just heed the counsel and the help coming her way. Something that we need to remember everyday, in the world of work – that your need to micromanage everything will only retard your efficiency.

3. Jaimie Lanister  – Never let your disabilities weigh you down.

We’ve watched this character evolve across a period of six seasons. And of all the lessons to be learnt from him, the finest is the fact that he never let his disability of not possessing an arm become an excuse for anything. When we apply it to the world of work, we mean it in a much broader sense, that no matter what your problem is, there still will be a way to work around it and deliver nothing but your best!

4. Lord Varys – Never let an opportunity pass you by.

Varys in the series has proven to be an extremely resourceful and capable character. Most of it because of the amazing capacity he seems to have to be able to focus on what needs to be done, and to get it done in the most efficient manner. His trait of being a thorough opportunist is something we all could try and learn from, especially in the world of work. Being mindful, and aware pays. You will never let an opportunity to slip by.

5. Joffrey – Well, we all know how that story went.

Of the King who really thought he was King, until he was slayed (Aside: if Tyrion didn’t poison him, who did?!).
Joffrey has probably been one of the cruelest characters in the series. The circumstance of his murder is testament to the fact that nobody likes a horrible boss! Some food for thought, eh?

Like this post a whole lot? Tell us you do and maybe we’ll put together another one with a similar interpretation of some more of your favorite characters!

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