By: Suchitra Mishra On: September 26, 2017 In: Blogging, Communication, Content Writing, Writing Comments: 0

If you can create good content and have mastered the blogging fundamentals, you have a skill that is highly prized (not to mention lucrative) in the market today. Whether as a job opportunity, or simply because one is passionate about writing, blogging is one of the most popular mediums...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: April 26, 2017 In: Career, Communication Skills, Resume, Skills Comments: 0

2017 has just begun, and you still have a lot of time to accomplish everything and more you imagine ticking off that checklist. We are taking for granted that one of them is learning new skills, and doing what you do better. To help you pursue this goal here...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: March 11, 2017 In: Career, Managing Yourself, World of Work Comments: 0

At last! The day for you to submit your final examination paper arrives. The years of piling on honors and extra classes, tutors, test preparations, community-service projects, and other extracurricular activities are now going to be behind you. While on one hand your classmates are preparing to crack the...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: December 13, 2016 In: Content Writing, World of Work Comments: 0

What makes you want to read something? Is it the caption? Or the promise of information or entertainment? Is it sheer curiosity that fuels a click or makes you open a page? Well, the secret of good content is that it brings in all of these elements. Originality To begin with, the...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: December 10, 2016 In: Content Writing, World of Work, Writing Comments: 0

Content, like many things in life, has its good days and bad days. This directly reflects on the content writer, who is the creator of said content. There are some mistakes that we can avoid to ensure that we do not end up churning nondescript, error ridden or downright,...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: December 6, 2016 In: Content Writing, World of Work, Writing Comments: 0

The life of a content writer is not easy. We understand that. It sure is a tough job to produce content which is well written, well researched, factually correct and pleases Google baba enough to list it in its searches! Here’s how we’ve tried to make your life a teeny...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: November 16, 2016 In: Job Offers, World of Work Comments: 1

If you’ve been waiting long enough for that job offer, it is likely that you would say “yes!” immediately. However, let’s agree that most of the times, decisions made on an impulse may not be the best ones, especially when they are regarding your career. When you receive the...

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Being a writer is a full time job. You are not on vacation even when you are on vacation because you are constantly thinking about what to write next! Being creative 24*7 is quite a challenge and a very difficult one to live up to. We, at Oorja Biz...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: September 29, 2015 In: Career, Communication, Content Writing, Infographics Comments: 0

You are staring at an image of this plain white tee on an ecommerce website, wondering if you really need it.  Beside the image, the word ‘versatile’ catches your eye and you decide to read. Here is how it goes – ‘This versatile, white t-shirt is a must-have in...

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By: Suchitra Mishra On: May 28, 2015 In: Content Writing, World of Work Comments: 0

If you have been mulling over a career in content writing, we have some inputs for you. As content writers ourselves and as a content writing company, take it from the horse’s mouth :). A career in content writing is a  challenging, fulfilling, and a joyous experience. Who is a...

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