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Travel More, Work Better – 5 Things Travel Teaches Us for the World of Work

Travel More, Work Better – 5 Things Travel Teaches Us for the World of Work

Some of the best lessons life teaches us are learnt on the road. And those of us who love travelling, know the value of these lessons and how they define us as human beings, in every dimension of our lives – be it work or play. At OBOlinx, we have been brainstorming about some of the lessons the road teaches us. Lessons that are equally important in the world of work as well. And here is what we came up with:

Things Travel Teaches Us – Courage:

Travel tests us about how brave we are, and if we can handle the situation before us with the courage it demands. When the road signs are unclear, blurred, but you need to take a judgment call and go ahead anyway. In the world of work, we are often required to take calculated risks which determine the nature of the path we carve out for ourselves in the course of our careers.

Things Travel Teaches Us – Resilience:

When you really, really want to see a place, be in a place, feel a place, you never give up. You find a way to get there. Out of sheer will and grit. Even if your vehicle fails you, even if it rains or snows on you, even if you realize it is going to be quite a journey. In the world of work, when you realize you love your job, despite the occasional lemons it may throw your way, you don’t give up, but try your best to get through it, to get to where you really want to be.

Things Travel Teaches Us – Curiosity:

Curiosity can be a desirable trait. To have a curious mind while traveling enables one to learn much more than a mind which follows “to-do” lists. Similarly, being curious at work (about your work), is a sign that you’ll never stop learning, and so you’ll never stop growing. Agree that curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat?

Things Travel Teaches Us – Motivation:

If there is one thing that can tire us, yet excite, challenge and motivate us at the same time, it is travel. There is something about the road, and the thrill of the destination, the journey, which is ever so inspiring. When you are doing what you love, there will be those inevitable times when you will not know which direction to head in. Yet, if you truly love your work, those very adversities will motivate you to keep walking, one step at a time.

Things Travel Teaches Us – Adaptability:

To be able to travel happily, one needs to possess at least some ability to adapt. Traveling means to endure change, discomfort, challenges and risks. To be able to plan and devise the best way forward as you go along – even when your original plan seems to be falling apart. Every day spent in the world of work requires us to constantly adjust and adapt to varying paces and situations. It requires us to shift out of our comfort zone in order to allow the learning process to catalyze. Unless you learn how to adapt to change in the world of work, survival and growth might be two things that will take you a long time to attain.

Isn’t it amazing how traveling changes your perspectives and enhances your abilities in such defining ways?  So if work is an excuse for you to not travel more, hey! we just took that excuse away from you. Travel more, work better 🙂

What are some of the amazing things you’ve learnt from travel which have come in handy in the world of work? We would love to hear about them!